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Virgil Abloh has developed a band following with his collections for Off-White and the brand is worn by street style stars around the globe. For his men’s Spring 2020 show, Abloh focused on the negative furnishings of plastic and saving the environment. According to Abloh, “Plastic: once hailed as a phenomenon material, now condemned as a major pollutant — and possibly about to be considered a work of art.” The show’s invite was a bright plastic invitation with the words “plastic” printed on it.  Abloh believes plastic can be recycled and used to create something beautiful, such as art. Plastic even made its way in the collection with plastic rain gear and a hazmat suit.

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Contact; Subscribe; About. GUCCI. Paris Girls Trip! Read Story · 18 · Two Ways to Wear My Favorite Gucci Tee · Read Story · 9 · Embellished · Read Story · 12 ...

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The Men’s Spring 2020 shows accept just wrapped up, and while the runways were filled with plenty of notable trends, such as soft suiting at Givenchy, gender bending at Comme des Garçons, nautical looks at Prada, and romantic prints at Louis Vuitton  – the one trend that has been gaining momentum is the “designer as activist.” Appearance activism is nothing new. In the 1930s the Keffiyeh became a attribute of political uprising and rebellion. In the 1960s, designers gave us peace attribute T-shirts in protest of the Vietnam war,  and mini-skirts, which became the attribute for women’s rights and sexual liberation. In 2017, Cosmopolitan listed 22 designers who used their runway shows to promote a particular cause or in protest of global injustice. From pussy hats to white bandanas with the hashtag #TiedTogether (a attribute of inclusivity and acceptance), according to designer Talbot Runhof, “If you accept a platform to say something and you don’t, then abashment on you.” In the age of social media and the internet, where opinions and messages are delivered in lightning speed, designers, actors and other influencers feel duty-bound and a certain responsibility to bring absorption to the relationship between fashion, politics and social change.


Stay updated with Gucci Stories. Read for exclusive insights to ad campaigns, beauty, fashion themes, people and events, fashion shows, visions and more.

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Stella McCartney has been one of the biggest advocates of the environment, a pioneer of sustainable fashion and an animal rights activist, since the creation of her namesake label in 2001.  McCartney Men’s 2020 accumulating was presented in a abundant garden in Milan’s city center. According to, McCartney stated, “Let’s just forget fashion for a moment and savor all the natural beauty around us and talk about flowers!”

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Feb 27, 2019 ... Guests at the Gucci Fall Winter 2019 show by Alessandro Michele, Bethann Hardison photographed with Gucci President and CEO, Marco ...

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Welcome to Westman Atelier! Our architecture is crafted with the fewest possible ingredients to deliver the highest-performing, most luxurious, and cleanest products possible. Consider us your experts on achieving the absolute skin for your face. Made with love.

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5 days ago ... Sun-kissed blonde highlights. The ultimate speed trim. A magical hair- restructuring treatment that leaves strands swingy and feeling like silk.

The Skincare Ingredient You Need in Your Routine ASAP

Prabal Gurung created political statement T-shirts that were worn by amusing media influencers and street appearance stars during NY Fashion Week 2017.  From Left to right: Shea Marie, Caroline Vreeland , Bryanboy, Tina Craig, Irene Kim,  Aimee Song  and Chriselle Lim . (Photo Courtesy of

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JasmineWoreWhat gucci soho disco bag blog review July 25, 2017 fashion blog , gucci disco bag , gucci disco bag review , fashion , fashion blogger , style blog ...

Vintner’s Daughter: Worth the Splurge?

Sun-kissed blonde highlights.  The ultimate acceleration trim. A magical hair-restructuring treatment that leaves strands swingy and feeling like silk. Here’s area Gucci goes for a head-to-toe transformation in 90 minutes flat.

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Jul 1, 2019 ... In October 2017, Gucci announced it would be going fur-free as well. Alessandro Michele is opting for sustainable alternatives to create his ...

 Do you find dressing a kid like a mini-me is cute or obnoxious?

As for the clothes, Abloh looks to street art for afflatus and tapped Futura, a abreast of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, for the prints in this collection, case in point, a hand-painted white coat, top and pant look.To address his environmental concerns, Abloh featured an aquatic theme throughout the collection with shades of dejected tie dye prints and amoeba-shaped appliqué motifs on knits.

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